this is my version of a simple vietnamese dipping sauce.  classically served with summer rolls, but I like to dip everything in it! makes a great salad dressing as well. give it a try and you’ll soon be pouring it on everything like me 😉 in the photo below, you’ll see it used as a dip for our crunchy eggy yummy from our brunch menu!

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nuoc cham
yields: 1 cup

1/4 c. lemon juice
1/4 c. fish sauce
1/4 c. dark brown sugar
1 cloves garlic, microplaned
2 ½ tbsp malt vinegar

  • whisk all ingredients together
  • for scallops: in a hot sauté pan add scallops. allow to cook for 3 minutes and than add 1 tbsp of butter for every 2 scallops. butter will begin to brown as scallops turn a golden brown on the button. turn scallops to other side and allow to brown for another 3 minutes. hit the hot pan with ¼ cup of nuoc cham per 2 scallops. allow scallops to cook for another minute and place over your favorite sauted greens. drizzle remaining pan jus over the dish.
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