I was cleaning out my kitchen drawer and came across some of my mom’s old recipes, and thought today was perfect day to make the pie she made every holiday! I wasn’t much of a pie lover growing up, I didn’t love the traditional fruit or pumpkin varieties. When we had friends over for dinner my sister and I thought it was just so funny to ask them what the secret ingredient was, and could hardly contain our giggling as we admitted it is Ritz crackers.


To give credit where credit is due, Florence was my grandma’s friend who gave the recipe to my mother – since my grandma was not very good cook from what I hear ;D




Mystery Pie

Beat 3 egg whites till they are stiff.

Gradually add in:

1 Cup sugar

1 teaspoon baking pwoder

1 teaspoon vanilla

1/2 cup nuts

20 Ritz crackers


Bake in a pie dish for 20 minutes at 350. Top with whipped cream.

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