1 Loaf Sturdy White Bread

1 lb Sushi Grade Ahi or Blue Fin Tuna, small diced

Diced Korean Pickles

Chili Oil

Hoisin Cream Cheese


Sesame Seeds

Salt to taste

Herbs to garnish


Hoisin Cream Cheese- yields 2 cups

1 lb      Cream Cheese

½ cup Heavy Cream  

2 Tbsp Hoisin 

In a stand mixer fitted with a paddle attachment whip cream and cream cheese until light and fluffy



Chili Oil

2 cups              Rice Bran Oil

2 Tbsp              Korean Chili Flakes

1 ea                 Guajillo Chilis

2 tsp                Sumac

Heat oil and all chilis, not sumac, in a pot over medium high heat. Bring up to just simmering, turn off heat and add sumac. Let sit until completely cool. Strain.


To Build Dish:

-Griddle white bread in butter until medium golden brown and very crispy. Allow to cool on a rack.

-Spread with hoisin cream, not too thick

-Cut off crust, leaving bread in a long rectangle shape

-Toss diced tuna in chili oil and salt to taste.

-Layer onto hoisin cream cheese

-Sprinkle with diced Korean pickles and sesame seeds

-Cut rectangle in half and then cut each into half again

-Garnish with herbs

-Transfer as a whole to a plate and gently spread out pieces.

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