Smoked Tomato Chimichurri

yield: 2 cups

1/2 C Pickled Rhubarb, rough chopped

1/4 C Pickled Rhubarb juice

1/4 C Soy

3 T Tarragon, chopped

1/3 C Mint, chopped

1 C Scallions, sliced

1/2 T Sambal

1/4 c EVOO


Fold all together.

1 pint Smoked Grape Tomato, rough chop

1/2 pint Sauteed Grape Tomato, halved


 Mix into chimichurri.


 -smoked tomatoes can be done in a traditional smoker on the lowest temperature setting for half hour. They can also be done on a wood grill until just blistered. 


2 cups Sliced Rhubarb

2 cups White Balsamic Vinegar

1 cup Sugar

1 sprig Tarragon

Bring vinegar to a boil. Add sugar and allow to dissolve. Pour over sliced rhubarb and tarragon sprig. Allow to come to room temperature.




Smoked tomato chimichurri is delicious served over pasta with sauteed spring vegetables and butter!



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