Had such a good time on VH1’s Big Morning Buzz Live cooking with Nick and Michelle! Wanted to share the recipe for the noodle dough and chili sauce, in case any of you wanted to celebrate the year of the goat on your own 😀
Silver needle noodle dough:
1 cup wheat starch
2 Tcup tapioca starch
1 t kosher salt
1 t vegetable oil
1/2 cup plus 2T just boiled water
Place starches and salt in medium bowl. Stir in water and oil with chopsticks or wooden spoon. Will seem dry. Once comes together and cools slightly, turn onto clean surface.  Knees until smooth. Divide into 4 balls of dough and wrap in plastic until use.
Szechuan chili sauce
1/3 cup broad bean chili paste
1/3 cup fish sauce
3/4 cup malt vinegar
1/4 cup sesame oil
1/4 cup chili oil
1 cup garlic chives
2 T sesame seeds
1T Szechuan peppercorns, toasted and ground
Mix all together!

photo via VH1

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