I wanted to mix it up a little bit and post a recipe that a reader sent after one of our Flavor cooking demos – love hearing what you guys do at home with the sauces and spices!
Here is what Teresa has to say about her creation!
I had the opportunity to attend a presentation of “The Flavor by Stephanie Izard”. I was really impressed to taste Asian exotic flavors bottled and ready to use. Some of Stephanie’s ideas made me go back and immediately start creating a dish to go with the sauces I brought back home that night. I braised short ribs in beef stock and onions for about 4 hrs. Then I marinated them overnight in black garlic, some of The Marinade, shriracha and pomegranate syrup. I braised them again to concentrate all the flavors and normally I would have served them with rice or polenta. This time, inspired by Stephanie’s suggestion, I used a fresh carrot, daikon, green papaya and pea shoots slaw. The dressing… a mixture of “the Chee”, fish sauce, lime juice, chili flakes. Unnecessary to say, I scored!!!! Everyone loved it, and now Chee will always live in my pantry!
Thanks for the inspiration Stephanie!

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