At Little Goat Diner we thought our croissants were so tasty, we just hated wasting them! Instead of tossing day old croissants we started blending them into our turkey gravy for a bit more flavor and a whole bunch more richness.

½ C Onion, chopped
½ C Fennel, chopped
¼ C Carrot, chopped
1 t Tomato Paste
¼ C White Wine
2 Qt Store Bought Chicken Stock
1 ea Turkey Neck and Gizzard
5 C Croissants

Begin with roasting turkey neck at 350 degrees for 15-20 minutes or until roasted brown.
While neck is roasting brown the gizzard in a sauce pot, once browned remove. Sauté the onions, fennel and carrots in a sauce pot with a little bit of oil for 10 minutes or until soft. Add the tomato paste and coat the vegetables stirring with a spoon. Once coated add the wine and reduce. Once most of wine is reduced add the chicken stock, turkey neck and gizzard. Bring up to a boil, once boiling lower heat and reduce the liquid by half.
After reducing, strain the stock and return to the stove top. Place the croissants and cook until they have absorbed some of the liquid. Put into a blender and buzz croissants and chicken stock. Season with salt. If desired a thicker gravy, place back on burner and reduce a bit more. LG Bread 01NOV2013-1825

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