2 cups Carrots, well washed and thinly shaved

1 cup Golden beets, raw Small Dice

1/2 cup Spring onions, bottoms Thinly sliced

1 Ear of corn Grilled, cut off the cob

1 Tbsp Mint Picked

1 tsp Jalapeno Thinly sliced

1 ea Garlic cloves Thinly sliced

1 Cup White vinegar

1/2 Cup Sugar

2 Tbsp  Salt

1 Tbsp Harissa

1/4 Cup Water


In a pot bring white vinegar and water up to a boil, once boiling shut off and whisk in sugar, salt and harissa until sugar and salt is dissolved.  While still hot, pour pickling liquid over vegetables in a heat proof container.  Let chill to room temp before refrigerating.

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