IMG_0439It’s no secret that I don’t know much about the hottest bands, but I love listening to music while I cook and I’ve been known to bust a move on occasion.  In the kitchens, I usually let my cooks pick the music and we all have a good time grooving while we prep. But live music at the goats? I think this may have been a first.

The Save the Music Foundation and I teamed up over Lollapalooza weekend to raise some money for some schools in need. To help get musical instruments back in Chicago classrooms, we hosted a benefit concert with singer Zella Day. I am not ashamed to admit I had never heard of Zella before signing up for the concert, but was really impressed by her voice, her musical talents, and her all around down-to-earth personality. It felt really inspiring to meet a young woman musician who was so compassionate!

We kept the food flowing, going for the “I-just-partied-at-Lolla” spread – caponata quesadillas, BBQ pork quesanaanas, masa chips, pita points, hummus, tzatziki and layer dip.

It was a great night on the roof with lots of fun and singing along, and has inspired me to do more concerts in the future 😀Screen Shot 2015-08-03 at 2.17.56 PM




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