There has been a lot of chatter these days about the lack of cooks in big cities like New York and Chicago. There are a lot of theories as to why. Maybe restaurants are growing faster than kids are graduating culinary school. Who knows, but whatever the cause I thought it was time to get creative!
While on the road doing events, I have come across so many good cooks who want to come work at the Goat. Just looking at our staff, I noticed that some of the most talented members of our team moved to Chicago to make a fresh culinary start.
Then I remembered an article I read recently about a guy making a video resume in his underwear…and I got inspired 😀
Since people have started using video resumes to find jobs, I figured we could make a video job posting to find applicants! And maybe since I just love contests so much, I wanted to give it a goat spin!
So here is how it works:
– watch the video
– get excited about working at the Goats
– send us your resume along with a creative explanation of why we should pick you.
We will pick one person to come stage at the Goats. That means: we will fly you to Chicago (within the U.S.), we will set you up with a place to stay, you will get to stage in the restaurants, and we will just show you a good time 😀
A couple requirements: 1) You must TRULY love to cook 2) you must ACTUALLY be looking to relocate.
And, hey, if it turns out you’re not a “goat to be”, at least we will have brought some talent into into Chicago.

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