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Duck duck goat is coming soon and last night was a fun way for us to get some practice and for guests to get a little taste of what it’s gonna be all about!

Learning (or trying to) about Chinese cuisine…including making all fresh noodles and dumplings and such…. has been quite the challenge over the past months. I started on the dumplings while it was still dark out yesterday morning and got a better idea of what making large quantities is going to be like. What was I thinking!!?? (Just kidding!)

Dinner was fun, food was tasty (though we still have improvements to make), and the crowd (who was mostly new to little goat kitchen) was awesome!

Thank you all who joined us!! Happy holidays!! IMG_2666

I’m gonna head back in to the test kitchen and continue the countdown to March when it’s time to make a LOT of dumplings;)IMG_2586

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