With Duck Duck Goat opening soon, Chinese food is on my mind. So for comfort food week at the Today show, all I could think of was big Chinese dinners with my family at Hunan Garden when I was little. For me, comfort food is all about childhood memories coming back, even if the food is a bit updated.


For this recipe we swapped out a couple ingredients that are a little trickier to find, we used Shaoxing wine and fermented tofu instead of the sherry and miso. But turns out, the ingredients that you can get at most grocery stores made a super tasty and simple glaze that’s great on not only ribs, but chicken, veggies, fish, anything!


Nowadays I eat fried rice for dinner a few nights a week at home since you can just add whatever is in the fridge. A little drizzle of the marinade in the rice and it’s all ready to go.


The crew at Today ate the leftovers in about 30 seconds…. so I think they were finger licking good;)



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