This year I FINALLY got to do my first official Food & Wine demo – to be fair I was offered one last year, but couldn’t do it because I was pretty darn pregnant at the time! I was so excited to get my demo going but it started out a little rocky ;D
Just one thing went wrong after another, I blame it on the high Aspen altitude. First the nori powder I needed for my okonomiyaki was all screwed up, then making my popiah just wouldn’t work. I needed to do something to get it back on track, so I chugged a “Fox and the Goat” from my pals at 18th Street Brewery and everything was better!
I want to give a special “thank you” to the super fun crowd for being relaxed while I got things under control and for screaming louder than Chris Cosentino’s group next door!

Click here to watch a recording of a previous demo featuring the okonomiyaki and the popiah, where things went a little smoother!

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