a request came in recently for our kimchee style sauce from the goat. i put this together originally as a marinade for a kimchee made with broccoli stems, nectarines and kohlrabi that we were serving with sauteed skate wing. as fall came along, we tried it on thinly shaved butternut squash with roasted shiitake mushrooms. the texture of the raw squash is great and the sweetness comes through just enough. a few weeks ago we started deep frying our pork shank and serving it alongside some of the squash kimchee with some extra sauce for dipping. to make the sauce a bit better for dipping (and to mimic wing sauce) we heat it up and finish with a heaping spoonful of roasted garlic butter. great with the pork, but also tasty with grilled or roasted chicken and any grilled or pan roasted fish.

8 oz. gochujang (korean hot pepper paste)
8 oz.  doenjang (korean soybean paste)
3/4 c fish sauce
1 oz.  ginger
1 oz.  garlic
1 c malt vinegar
2/3 c dark brown sugar
1/4c olive oil
1/2 tsp.  korean chili flake

blend ginger and garlic with fish sauce in blender.
add half of hot pepper paste and half the soybean paste until blended together, reserve in a bowl and blend the other half of pastes.
once blended in a mixing bowl, mix in malt vinegar, sugar, olive oil and the chili flakes.