the one episode i’ve seen of portlandia had a skit about a couple going to a local restaurant. when they inquired where the chicken they were ordering came from, the server actually took them on a quick trip to the farm so they could pick one out for dinner. how sweet would that be, i thought!

the chef community doesn’t really take it quite that far out in portland (as far as i have seen) but they certainly celebrate local products. they are surrounded by amazing produce year round, great small local farms, and to top it off, they are on the coast with access to great seafood.  until i get oysters coming from right here in lake michigan i will remain a bit jealous of the chefs in the pacific northwest.

portland has their own annual food festival, feast of portland, to celebrate their local foods and the chefs that work with them.  oh, i forgot to mention the amazing wines and beers that come out of that region too…great help with the celebration.

we were thrilled to fly out to join in the festivities.  on saturday night we participated in high comfort at the nines where we decided to show off a little of our local flare with our goat chili. we just like to bring kilgus goat wherever we go.

sunday night was the most fun for us as we got to cook with the team at nostrana. cathy is amazing and chill and fun and her entire team were so much fun to cook alongside for a day. as soon as we walked in and saw the wood fire oven and grill and the amazing space we knew it was going to be good times.  thank you to everyone at nostrana for letting us crash.

hope to be back next year!